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Wadenhoe Trust

Caring for one thousand years of history

extrabannerpicThe Wadenhoe Trust owns 26 of the domestic properties in Wadenhoe village as well as a number of commercial and agricultural properties, including Wadenhoe House, The King’s Head Public House and Home Farm Close.

The Trust’s agricultural estate includes a longstanding farm tenancy, grazing agreements and various paddock tenancies.

As part of its programme of improvements for the estate, the Trust has built a new crew yard at Wadenhoe Lodge Farm Buildings, refurbished the exterior of Mill Farm barn and implemented various sewage treatment schemes.

In recent years, the Trust has developed off-street parking for the convenience of residents and visitors, and to help protect the historic character of the village. Over time, the Trust has sought to upgrade its properties to meet the requirements of modern life while preserving their historic character.

Since 2009, the Trust has undertaken landscaping work with the advice of a tree specialist. Trees and hedges have been planted in several locations, including Wadenhoe Park, around the new barn by Wadenhoe Lodge Farm Buildings, a paddock near Pudding Lane and two paddocks by Church Street. The Trust intends to continue over the next few years.

The Trust endeavours to improve public understanding of Wadenhoe’s history and the study of its archaeological sites and nature. The Trust has provided modest financial support for a number of educational events and would like to develop this programme further.