The objectives of the Wadenhoe Trust

The trust deed for the Wadenhoe Trust’s objectives are set out and included are as follows:-.

A)   To preserve the village properties as an entirety as part of the national heritage.

B)   To conserve, maintain and improve for the public benefit the architectural and aesthetic quality of the village properties.

C)   To conserve and enhance for the public benefit the natural beauty of the village surrounding.

D)   To advance the education of the public in the architectural and aesthetic merits of the village and the desirability of preserving the village and villages of a similar character for the benefit of the nation.

E)    To preserve and to encourage the study and dissemination of the knowledge of the archaeological sites and the indigenous flora and fauna to be found in the village and its surroundings.

Our secondary objectives are the relief of poverty and the advancement of religion and education.

Paragraph 4 (1) of the deed is also relevant.  This asks us to make every endeavour to ensure that the social character of the Village as a live and continuing local community is preserved, provided that this is consistent with our primary objectives.  This therefore is not an object in itself.

The Village Properties means all houses, cottages, buildings and lands in the Village transferred to the trustees by the settlors, and the Village Surroundings means the rest of the property transferred to the trustees i.e, the land around the village.

Strategic Aims

Our aims are and will continue to be, within the resources at our disposal, to act in accordance with as many as possible of the trust’s objectives.

We will continue to manage the assets which were transferred to us by the settlors in a way which is in accordance with the above objectives, but also earns a reasonable return.

The purpose of earning that return is to provide funds to enable us to pursue specific goals which help us to fulfil those objectives.